Wild Coast Salve~ Monterey Pine, Cypress, Eucalyptus & Sage, featuring Elderflower & Yarrow


On this cold and rainy morning in the beginning of December, I am writing from the warm comfort of fuzzy blankets with a cup of dandelion tea in hand. As I look out the window at the falling water replenishing what has been a very dry forest in my back yard, my heart warms even if my hands are freezing.

While I have love and great thanks for the rain after our summer of drought, over the past few chilly weeks I have been holding in the back of my mind the memories of feeling the warm winds of the late summer and early fall as I stood along the cliffside of Big Sur, Santa Cruz and Marin.

I have now created a new salve with plant material that I have collected in the past few weeks along with plants I had harvested and preserved in the late summer and early fall, knowing that there would be times like today that I would have the desire to be brought back to those sunny days when the scent of the wild coast wind carried through the trees, over the warm sand dunes and out to the crashing waves.


Waking up and walking out to sit and watch the waves on the foggy early mornings that proceed the warm sunny days. Some of the most beautiful mornings I have ever witnessed.


California Lilac ~ Ceanothus
Silver Lupin ~ Lupin albifrons
Silver Lupin ~ Lupin albifrons

After the fog clears the sun shines brightly, showing off the many connected and intertwined ecosystems that create the beautiful wild coast. Looking down into a cove, I stand where the oak woodlands and sage brush end, the pines begin and the eucalyptus and cypress wait below on the high cliffside above the warm sand dunes and out to the sea.

big sur coast shot

marin kirbe cove

The wild plants I have collected that carry many healing qualities along with the smell of the warm coast wind…

Monterey Cypress ~ Cupressus macrocarpa
monterey pine sap
Resin of the Monterey Pine ~ Pinus radiata
euc leaves
Leaves of the Blue Gum Eucalyptus ~ Eucalyptus globulus
16 black sage
Black Sage ~ Salvia mellifera
sage brush
California Sagebrush ~ Artemisia californica

Hydrosols, essential oils and infusion oils are created with my collected plants, resin from the pine is sifted, ground and melted, and all are mixed with healing oils, butters and beeswax.

Welcome to my Wild Coast Salve.

coast balm

Can be found on Etsy here

Created with: Beeswax, Shea & Cocoa Butters. Apricot, Avocado & Coconut Oils. Yarrow and Elderflower Infused Sweet Almond Oil & Pure Essential Oils.

Deeply moisturizing, stimulates cellular regrowth, anti inflammatory & anti-fungal properties, reduction of rash & bruises. A wonderful sealant. Very long lasting. A little goes a long way.

I often have great reviews on this creation from people who do physical activities that takes wear on their hands, such as jobs that require lots of hand washing, gardening, rock climbing, acrobatics, or just plain dry hands, elbows and feet.

Products containing resin can at times have the resin crystalize (like honey!) Just rub softly between hands and the clear or amber crystals should melt away.

When cold, containing beeswax, this salve can be a bit firm. To begin use I take the back of my nail to break into the beautiful smooth top layer and the salve becomes soft in the warmth of the hands.

Made in small, fresh batches, all natural, wildcrafted, home and handmade, no chemicals, no preservatives. Healthy for the body and soul.

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