Pinecone Botanical’s healing creations are based on the use of local and wild plants whose leaves, branches, twigs, flowers and oils are beneficial to the body, and whose scent is capturing of place, a benefit to the spirit. These plants are collected by hand from California’s coastal cliffs, forest groves and high sierra mountain peaks and valleys.


Pinecone Botanical’s hand made essential oils, infusion oils and hydrosols are combined and blended with other organic base-ingredients to create products that are made in small, fresh batches, all natural, wildcrafted, home and handmade, no chemicals, no preservatives. Healthy for the body and soul.

Nature’s knowledge and the ability to truly thrive is available for harvest. The road toward positive social, ecological and environmental change need only start with the decision to begin living our lives in simple and innovative ways, inspired by nature’s patterns. With our decisions and actions moving toward the betterment and preservation of all living things.

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